Fresh pie crust


0.5 Kg

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Ingredients: white wheat flour, water, salt.

Pastries, which are indispensable treats for breakfasts and tea times, accompany unique tables with its daily pastry product, freshness and taste, which contributes to your preparation practically in a short time. By preparing your treats, which decorate the pleasant moments that you will share with your loved ones, with daily dough, you can save most of the time to yourself.

It will be more efficient to consume daily dough in one go after opening its packaging. However, if you want to store the doughs for later use, you can cover them with a damp cloth to keep them fresh.

It is also a great convenience that you can easily find the daily doughs that allow you to prepare pastries both in the oven and in the pan with their practicality, by storing them in the freezer. Especially ideal for working people and students, daily doughs are also an excellent alternative for preparing snacks between meals.

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Weight 0.5 kg


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